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Microblading and Micropigmentation basic course in Marbella

Microblading basic course and
Micropigmentation with microblading course
Spring class to learn this technique
Now the most demanding treatment in the world.
2 days microblading course
♦ Professional starter kit with all necessary tools to start working .
♦ Eyebrows 3D effect
♦ Practice on synthetic leather
♦ Working on live models.
6 days micropigmentation with microblading course.
♦ Professional starter kit for microblading and micropigmentation
♦ Eyebrows microblading 3D effect
♦ Eyebrows hyperrealistic nano hair strokes
♦ Eyebrows ombre powder effect
♦ Perfect classic eyliner
♦ Lips volume 3D shading.
International diploma
6 months of post – class consultation and assistance.
It’s a perfect possibility to learn most sought after treatment in the world.
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