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What things the specialist of permanent makeup will never tell you to their client?

Nowadays, the permanent make up has become really popular indeed, it is a very popular procedure among the ladies. However, often, people start wondering what permanent make up is and how it works. In the first place, it is a procedure which is done similar like a tattoo, the pigment is put inside the skin. Needed to say that this procedure was not known 5 years ago in Lithuania and the people who knew, it was really expensive, only rich people could afford it.

Today, there are much more specialists who do this treatment, but still it is not easy to find a very qualified specialist. There is important question, to which things we should pay attention if we decide to do the permanent makeup?

What is the difference between long term makeup and permanent makeup?

Basically, there is no difference. All of these procedures are pretty much the same, only the names are called in a different way. Different names- it is a business strategy to attract more people to pay attention to this. If the specialist is trying to convince you that the specialist is doing only one thing, she is lying to you or her knowledge is not enough.

The location of procedure. Is it important?

The location where procedure is made, it is extremely important. According to health centre conditions, the location must follow all the requirements and rules in order to make sure that everything is clean and the place is suitable to work. Sometimes, specialists decide to do these procedures at home, because the competition is huge and it costs much money, so working at home makes things easier and cheaper. In this case, the procedure might be done in the wrong way, and afterwards, it is very hard to fix the mistakes.

Sometimes, people think that tattoo specialists also can do these procedures, because the things they use for the permanent makeup, are very similar to the things which they use for making tattoos. In tattoos salons, this costs much cheaper. Nevertheless, if people decide to do this procedure with the tattoo specialist, their skin might have problems after.

When it is not recommended or you can not do the permanent makeup?

Ladies can not do this permanent make up if they are pregnant because of the harmons and changes. If ladies are having problems with hormons, it is not recommended to do the procedure because the results will not be good and professional.

Also, for the women, who often suffer from the lips herpes, they should not do the procedure because the pigment might be gone and they will be having problems.

Does the skin type has a big impact for doing the permanent make up?

Yes. It matters. Oily skin type might ruin the painting and the pigment. The experienced specialist has to choose the right after care process.

Do they always have to do the correction after procedure?

Yes, always. After the first procedure, the painting might be not as good. When choosing the pigments, it is possible to say what color is gonna be, but it is not 100 percent. When doing the correction, everything is more clear.

Does specialist always have to do the same thing you ask?

Not necessary. The experienced specialist will take a look at your skin type and according to that, he will choose the right colors. What is more, before the procedure, the example of the final result should be done as well. When they doing their eyebrows, the naturality is always offered. All the specialist agree that the more it will be natural, the better it will look eventually.

Is this procedure is painful?

First of all, the good specialist will always invest in their work materials. The good quality of equipment is always helping to achieve the best results. If the patiens is feeling pain while the procedure is going, the specialist should give you pain killers, if he does not, he might be not qualified. The permanent make up procedure is not feeling nice but it should not be very painful.

Permanent eyebrow makeup. 6D, super flufy, HD eyebrows and others.

In this time, it is very popular when women decide to do manual micropigmentation. It is also called microblading. 6D, HD eyebrows and all the other phrases it is just a business strategy which does not have anything common with the actual procedure.

The experienced and good specialists will never need to confuse the patient with all the phrases. It is always very recommended before you choose the specialist, you should always look at their work experience, reviews, feedback, qualifications and suggestions. You should always choose the specialist accoring to your taste and desire. At the end, the face is not the place you should be saving money if you are aming to get the best results after your procedure.