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Permanent makeup

When you get out of the sea and the makeup is in the right place

It is not a trick, it is just a permanent or a long-lasting makeup that greatly simplifies everyday beauty rituals – especially in summer, when you are still hoping to jump into the water. But sometimes a long-lasting makeup looks very unnatural, but you cannot wash it … We are speaking to the long-lasting makeup artist Rasa Petrauskienė.

The artist states that recently the permanent makeup has really begun to grow in popularity. The interest was caused by the fact that the masters decided to invest seriously in increasing their competencies and newer technologies, and due to the considerably improved work quality, women became more confident in such services.

The desire to highlight the eyebrows dominates

According to the speaker,Lithuanians, like most women all over the world, are mostly interested in long-lasting eyebrow makeup. “Because the eyebrows give emotion to the face. The highlighting of the eyes and lips contours is also popular, but it is usually chosen by those women, who have  already tried long-lasting eyebrow makeup “, observes R. Petrauskienė. She points out that there are many different types of long-lasting makeup techniques, available on the Internet, so ordinary people can easily get lost. “Now naturalness is in fashion, therefore, women often choose long-lasting eyebrow makeup, performed by “Microblading“ technique, when only hair is highlighted. But the eyebrow shading returns to the fashion and the lightening style, called “ombre“, says the woman. By the way, the specialist notes that the permanent makeup can not only enliven the face, but also solve aesthetic problems: mask scars, paint the head hair, mask white spots, when the skin loses
pigmentation, draw breast areolas, etc.

As scary as at a tattoo artist‘s?

The long-lasting makeup is like a tattoo, so it is scary that you will have to suffer from pain, and then to hide swelling … R. Petrauskienė confirms that the pain is what women are most afraid of and specifies: a good master invests in good anesthetics, so that the pain sensation would diminish to a minimum, and good work should not be accompanied by severe bruising and swelling. If during the procedure the skin is bleeding, then, according to the woman, one should doubt about the professionalism of the master. She notes that the permanent makeup should be done in the cosmetology room, in accordance with the standards of sterility, with permanent makeup devices or the Microblading handle, but not with a tattoo machine. Of course, permanent makeup treatments should be postponed by pregnant and breasfeeding women, while hormonal treatments can fasten the fading of the pattern. According to R. Petrauskienė, the second thing women are afraid of is the lack of knowledge of what the outcome will look like. Therefore, according to her, firstly, it is necessary to review and evaluate the work of various masters. Secondly, before making a long-lasting makeup procedure, a sketch must always be drawn up so that customers can see what the work is going to look like. “A good master will take into account customers‘ preferences, but will always advise on how to do better. Also, a good master will not obey absurd customer requests, because a person should be prettier after the procedures, not the opposite, “laughed R. Petrauskienė. According to her, the actual image of the permanent makeup is revealed one week after the performance, because the color is intensified immediately after the procedure.

The elimination is difficult, but possible

Permanent makeup remains for 1-1.5 years (depending on the darkness of the pigment, the condition of the body, the type of skin), so investing time in a good master’s search and analysis of his work is worth it. Although, if you still want to permanently remove long-lasting makeup, it is possible, according to the speaker, but the process of removing the pigment is gradual, long and costly. R. Petrauskienė strongly advises not to mask the bad work by a new drawing. “This only works for a short while, since when this drawing begins to fade, the original, poorly performed work is often revealed,” warns the professional.

The long-lasting makeup is faded by the sun, so you need to use a sun cream to keep it longer.